Monday, March 21, 2011

Running with Dad {week 3}

Sigh. Well, week 3 is over and we have 10 weeks to go. I am still making progress, and Dad is still running in circles around me. I asked him tonight, "This is a breeze for you, huh?" He looked at me, smiled and said "Well..yea..hehe" I hope he's not regretting having me as his running partner!

Saturday- Met up a little later than usual, but ready to go. It was sprinkling outside, but had a cool breeze. This time we ran the length of the fence and a few more yards, turned around and ran back. I was feeling good after this. My leg pains have graduated from shin splints to aching feet. Does this mean I need new shoes? Yes. Tomorrow.

Sunday- Dad was battling some allergies and I was battling some sleepiness :) We didn't make it on our run.

Today (Monday)- Met up after I got off of work at 6pm and went to run. We ran from where we parked to the Pawnee bridge. Now, I know this has no relevance to you since you are not here, but I have no idea how else to describe how far we went :) I won't lie, I did not like this run. The bottoms of my feet hurt and I was too focused on how long this was taking me. In fact, one time during the run I told myself if you keep running, you will be done faster! This seemed to help my mentality. I was able to run more when going back than Saturday, but I still need to step it up. Dad will run all the way back, turn around and run all the way back to me and finish..again..with me!

I'm going to go buy some new shoes tomorrow {any suggestions?} and then hit the gym all week to run. I'll meet Dad next Saturday and we will keep trecking away at our 10k!

Do I love running? NO. Do I love running with my dad to spend time with him? YES. Do I want to lose the rest of this weight? YES!!! See? The yes' beat the no's!


Kayla Sue said...

Hi! I'm a new reader... I just joined weight watchers and am on a similar journey! I can't wait to reach the point where I can RUN!!!! Oh, I also live in Kansas :) We just moved here last summer, so it's still growing on me!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

That is so neat that you go running with your dad, and I'm sure he loves running with you :D

AceRunn said...

I love running in my Asics, but my advice is to find a local running store and get fitted. GET FITTED! It made the world of difference for me to have someone watch my walk, stride, gate and then recommend a shoe for me.