Thursday, March 10, 2011

Non scale victory

Emotional describes today..I was overwhelmed at work, feeling unappreciated, lonely because my husband is working second shift right now, and just every other emotion under the sun. A year ago..maybe even two month ago..I would have headed to the Mcdonald's drive thru for a Big Mac, french fry, and large Dr.Pepper. And then I would feel better, right? Wrong.  
Today I am proud of myself. I didn't go straight to Mcdonalds. I went home, made a turkey sandwich, put my work out clothes on and went to the gym {after American Idol of course ;)}

I did week3, day2 of C25K and 300calories on the Arc Glider..I was having some shin issues {any tips?!} so it wasn't the best run, but I was feeling it. My heart rate was up and I was just letting go of any negativity that occured during the day and it was a wonderful feeling. Waaay better than any Big Mac :)

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AceRunn said...

Front side shins or back side shins? When I first started running I was just using my regular cross trainers, and was having a lot of pain in the backside of my shins. Once I got fitted for shoes ( I over pronate) and got the support I needed it went away. Front side may be shin splints, but I have no idea how to help with that.