Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So, remember when I posted here about my biggest insecurity?
I did the shake weight solid for 4 weeks. Then quit. Ummm...why did I do that? For the same reason I've quit drinking 100oz of water daily since it's no longer March. Ugh. Obviously I have commitment issues. ANYWAY..
I'm committed to doing the Shake Weight 30 days solid in May. and probably there after, because I want lean, toned arms. That's what I've wanted for a long, long time. I'm the only person stopping myself.
You can see my Shake Weight Progress here, here, here and here.
Here are my "before pictures" I guess you could call them..
left arm :-/
right arm :-/

So, there we go. Let's start the Shake Weight May Challenge. See you soon for an update.


safire said...

My arms are one of my biggest insecurities too! I think it runs in the family though. Even the thinnest girls in my family have chunky arms so it's definitely genetic. I'm starting to embrace my arms more now even though there are definitely still moments where I cringe.

Yoga and running really helped me feel more ok with my arms!

Good luck with your challenge!

Lynsey said...

I hate my arms too but only because they have stretch marks underneath. I wish I could wear sleeveless shirts without thinking everyone is staring at the stretch marks.

Good luck toning. I would love toned arms! I did arm exercises in April and I didn't see much change so stick with it after the 30 days are up!

SharpCookie said...

Wow, your arms really changed when you did your shake weight program last year - that's impressive! Don't forget to take measurements now, at the beginning of this program! (You said you'd wished you had, last time.)

Thirty days of dedicated exercise (even if it's spot-focused) is a great goal. Would you consider adding a nutrition goal to go along with it? I found that losing fat along with lifting heavy weights made a big difference to shape up my arms. The muscle was always there - I just had to reveal it! (Just like those washboard abs that I'm sure are down there under all that "laundry", haha! ...a girl can dream.) I've still got a bit of that loose-skin-with-stretch-marks thing going on up close to my arm pits too, I'm wondering if it will ever go away. I guess our history truly shapes us - and sometimes leaves visible reminders!

Lynsey said...

Hey girl, don't know if you are around much but I tagged you in a Q & A on my blog.