Friday, May 25, 2012

Details, details {dr's appointments}

After I got my BFP, my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) ordered labwork for my HCG levels. Here's just a timeline of my 1st few appointments. Keep in mind that this entire labwork/appointment process I was completely (entirely!) care free an optimistic! In my prior failed pregnancies I would be on pins and needles, waiting on a call, stressed to the max. This time, I really had the attitude of "Whatever happens, happens." Which is SO not me, but has seemed to help me, mentally, a lot. Anyways..

March 23, 2012: 1st beta: 44
March 26, 2012: 2nd beta: 161
April 2, 2012:    3rd beta: 3301!!
April 11, 2012:  1st Dr. appt. baby measuring *perfectly* on sono with heartbeat! BPM=115
April 26, 2012:  2nd Dr. appt. baby measuring right on target again! heartbeat BPM=161 *Graduated from fertility clinic to a regular OB!*
April 28, 2012:  Told my sisters I'm pregnant!
May 10, 2012:    1st Dr. appt with regular OBGYN! Love! Sono showed baby kicking away, measuring right on target again! Beginning to think this could be real!
May 13, 2012:    Told our families we're expecting! Due date: November 26, 2012-- my mom's birthday!

**Next appt is scheduled for June 7, 2012! We should be able to find out the gender at that appointment. If we can't, have no fear-- I have a backup plan! My husband works at a hospital and all of the radiology staff are more than willing to scan me. Our gender reveal party is scheduled for June 16th :) :)

Thanks again for all the support I've received through this struggle to get pregnant, then STAY pregnant. I feel very thankful and fortunate for everyone encouragement, prayers and kind words :)

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Mrs. S said...

So awesome!! I'm so happy for you girl! You are so lucky to be able to have a back up if you can't find out at your appointment! Ours is now going to be the 9th! Are y'all going to find out before and surprise your fam or wait to find out?