Sunday, October 17, 2010

WW weigh in 10-15-10

First, I was losing my weight a pound at a time. It seems here lately I'm losing them ounce by ounce. AGAIN, this week I lost -.4oz. This is getting very frustrating. Any tips? I'm going to switch up my workout routines a bit. So, we will see.
(Yes, I have wood paneling in our den area :) )

On Thursday evening, my Mary Kay consultant called me and asked if I'd be interested in being a "face model" for their fall line. This goes back to those insecurities I have "You have a pretty face, but.." but I shoved those thoughts out of my head and told her I would. I absolutely LOVE MK products!! So, yesterday morning my mom and I went and it was very nice! Here I am on the way to the show:

 (EEk!! No makeup!)
And After..

They actually used a blue eyeshadow on me?? Which I wasn't used to, but I wasn't opposed to. It was a good day to get out with my mom too. After the fashion show we went to see the movie "Life as we know it." Tell me why I cried 6 times during this movie?! It was cute. Let me just say..I LOVED Katherine Heigel's (sp??) fashion and clothing in this film. She always looks so cute and put together. Something I need to work on!! Which brings me to...
My Carrie Underwood concert attire? COMPLETE! ...But that is for a different post :) :) :)