Thursday, October 28, 2010

The scale is still gone, people!! This is the longest I've gone without weighing myself since I started my weight loss journey January 8, 2010.
I actually feel very good about it. I haven't been obsessing and even though I feel a little anxiety since my weigh in is tomorrow and I don't know where I'm at; I feel fairly confident. I know I've worked out 4 times this week..I've tracked all my food and stayed at or 1-3 points below my daily points value. I've drank a lot of water..I've gotten at least 8 hours of sleep every night..what can go wrong? This is where that trust comes into play.
It feels nice to not let the scale dictate my feelings. I remember one Friday when I first started Weight Watchers I think I gained a pound or something-anyway-I came storming home and I didn't want to do anything the rest of the day. I was sulking because of a number. Isn't that just ridiculous? I should have been celebrating the fact that I went to Weight Watchers..I stepped on a scale in front of a stranger..I sat through the meeting and wasn't giving up. Instead, all I saw was a number.
Today I'm going to celebrate the fact that I've gone this long without my scale and stayed on track. I'm going to celebrate that I can run a mile in 16 minutes and I'm going to enjoy my evening with my husband and step on that scale proudly tomorrow!
I'll let you know the outcome :)