Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to Basics

Since I've gone "back to basics" I've decided to sign up for another race. On November 7th {one day after my birthday!!} I'm going to do the Inspire Hope Run. I've decided to only do the one mile instead of the 8k. Why would I do that when I've already run a 5k, you ask? Well, I'm back to basics. To be honest, I haven't even ran since my 5k in September so I know for sure I wouldn't be ready for the 8k. I think the one mile will be enough to boost my confidence to keep going. And guess who is going to be by my side? Only the best running partner ever..Marlene, of course.

Day 2 without a scale and guess what? I'm OK. I felt a little anxious without weighing this morning, but I had to keep telling myself..you had a great Zumba workout last night..you tracked all your points..got all your water in..and got a good night's sleep. I will be OK.

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Mrs. S said...

I think that it will really help you not to weigh each day!