Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little late, I know..

OK- I'm a bad blogger! Sorry I'm a little late!
Tuesday was the Carrie Underwood concert. Let's all say it together...uh-maz-ing..
Love, love love her! Front row is definitely the way to go!! She is practically perfect.. body, hair and I was waiting on even ONE wrong note! But nope, she did not disappoint!
                                                Me before the concert
Friday I went to my weekly Weight Watcher weigh-in... -.2 VERY frustrating to say the least. BUT I did admit that I have fallen into a rut. My Dad signed up for Weight Watchers this week as well so now I'll have someone to go with. I stayed with him after the meeting and went over all the material again with our leader so it was kind of like I was "starting over" with the program as well. I'm going back to the basics with tracking in the Weight Watcher tracker instead of my complicated Excel spreadsheet and just re-learning the points on everything. I hope this helps get me back on track. So far for October I'm not on track with my goal of losing one pound a week to meet my goal weight of 150 by June 2011. I really need to step it up with the nutritional side. There for awhile I would binge on something..not track it..and just say "Oh well, I'll just work out extra hard tonight." Doesn't work that way, Allie!!
Sometimes we all just need a "do-over"'s mine..

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