Monday, October 4, 2010

Letters to my younger self..

Have you all seen "letters to your younger self" floating around blogland? They are neat to read, and so theraputic! I'm going to take a stab at it..

Dear 13 year old Allie,
Hold on tight because Middle School will be the worst three years of your life. No joke. There will be three girls who were your best friends (who you can now look back and laugh at) that will torment you! Don't waste your time trying to make them like you. They don't like themselves! That is why they are mean to you. Don't worry about them; you have your awesome family to see you through..don't forget about the importance of your family..

Dear 15 year old Allie,
This is the year you will have your first real boyfriend. More like, the first real loser in your life. You will stick around with him for 19 months and think you are head over heels in love. You are wrong! He is a bad, bad guy..the type your mother warned you about. Why didn't you listen to her? You will spend the next few months after the break up trying to get him to needing a protection from abuse order against him.

Dear 17/18 year old Allie,
You are in love! For real this time. Too bad you are in love with the wrong person who will lie, cheat and degrade you almost as bad as the previous boyfriend. You are wanting to grow up too soon. Slow down, sister! Enjoy your High School days! As soon as you are an "adult" (aka 18 years old) you will move into your first apartment with said boyfriend and play house for awhile..all while building debt. You will graduate High School, but are too worried about being in your relationship to think about post secondary schooling. You will continue to wait those tables and one day you will walk into your apartment to see another girl with your boyfriend. Your relationship will dramatically end. You are left to pick up the pieces for 2 years! You can do it though; you are stronger than you know!

Dear 19/20 year old Allie,
You are doing something with yourself! Remember when you always said you wanted to be a flight attendant because they wore those cute uniforms? Well, you are on your way to Phoenix, AZ sister! You will go through a grueling flight academy and be one of the 19 who graduate. You will move to Washington DC where you will navigate the subways, taxi, airports and town all by yourself without fear! You will get your first big paycheck and think you are literally going to be rich! Until..your airline files bankruptcy. Back to Kansas you work at the most unsatisfying job

Dear 21 year old Allie,
This is the year you will meet your future husband. You know it on the first date and even text your friend after he leaves "start planning the wedding!" This guy is too good to be true! So don't you dare take it for granted, Allie. This love is different than you've experienced in the is mature, genuine and true. You will find out you're pregnant this year..all while planning a wedding. You are a planner though! You're planning for a baby and wedding..ok, so you're a little stressed. God decided your baby needed to be with Him in Heaven will never forget your 14 week old baby. You and Jordan will get married on the freaking hottest day of the summer. And you really are a fat bride, Allie. But despite the weight you've gained, your husband looks at you like you are the most beautiful bride and expresses how much he loves you every day. That is why you continue to eat and not care much about your appearance. You will lose one more baby this year and hate the world for a little bit. You will eat your way through your emotions, but in the end find peace and the courage to start fresh.

Dear 22 year old Allie,
Your weight really has gotten out of control. The scale is tipping at 240lbs! You can barely walk from the parking lot to your office without being out of breath and those size 20 jeans are too tight to wear right out of the dryer. You are going to take control though. You will join Weight Watchers for the 4th time and dedicate yourself to the program. Nearly forty pounds will fall off one at a time..each pound a success. You will also become closer to your family this year. Your job still does not define you, but it is okay, Allie. You will find your place. You will continue to support your husband through his schooling because you know he is doing it to better your life together. You will start writing a blog because you love writing and love reading blogs and you will start selling Scentsy because you love to plan events and you love the product! will be a much, much happier woman and full of love. <3

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