Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running with Dad {update}

Wow, my 1st 5k of 2013 is in 3 weeks! I am super excited.
I haven't "trained" to run anything since 2011. You can read about that here.
I use "train" very, very lightly. When I first started "running" in 2010, I did the Couch to 5K 5x a week. I ran my 1st 5k and then..quit running. Why? Well honestly I don't like running.
I don't get that runner's high or that "free-ing" feeling.
I feel hot..and tired.
But when I've run before I dropped weight like crazy. I remember being able to fit into size 14 jeans after my 1st 5k (I'm in a postpartum size 16 right now). and it is a pretty accomplishing feeling when you've been able to run for quite some Monday.
On Monday I met my dad to go on a 3 mile run. We {I} decided to try to only stop twice. I was nervous to say the least. last week's run was terrible..I ended up walking most of it. And there is still that little girl in me that wants to make my dad proud. So that was my motivation.
We ended up running those 3 miles, only stopping briefly twice, in 44 minutes! I was pretty proud. I did feel accomplished..and hot. Like.. sweaty hot, not Mama Laughlin hot. lol!
So, after running my dad asked me if we were going to keep running. I pondered for a moment..hmm, sure why not. I've been training this hard so why stop?
I wish I would have thought that way back in 2010..I might actually like running.

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