Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Oops..I didn't post at all last week :-/ Must not have felt up to it. But in other news, we had an awesome weekend!! Jordan was off (yay), and got to see a lot of family, and watch a lot of basketball (go Shox!)
Saturday morning I had class, but hurried home afterwards for a busy afternoon. Jordan's aunt wanted to babysit Bradley so we decided to finish his Easter basket gift shopping while she spent some time with him. We went to Old Navy and Target and spent too much money..yikes. Then we headed back to Jordan's aunt and uncle's house to cheer on the Shockers!! Way to go 4!! It was an awesome game. We got home at about 11pm to get enough sleep for a fun filled Easter Sunday.

Sunday I woke up extra early to put together Bradley's first Easter basket. He got this exersaucer, 2 onesies, a WSU Shocker onesie and 2 toys. We got him all dressed in his seer sucker Easter outfit. His little bowtie was too cute..unfortunately he fussed a lot in his little outfit :( I think he was uncomfortable so it didn't last long. We went over to my parent's house for lunch and visited with some family members. We headed home for an afternoon nap then over to some friend's house for a Game of Thrones watch party and dinner. Ok, I don't much care for that show, but it is nice getting together with friends and meeting new people. Bradley was the life of the party with his sweetness.

It was a great holiday weekend. For the record, holidays are SO much more enjoyable with kids :)

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