Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

And more...snow.
Car repairs.
Cabin fever= our weekend! This is how Bradley felt about it:
We have been working quite a bit on tummy time and rolling over. He is so close and can turn over with our help, and gets so excited! He is kicking and flailing his arms wildly!
The snow started on Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning the roads were snow-packed. I've had anxiety with even driving the baby in the car, let alone in bad weather conditions with crazy drivers on the road! So I gave us a snowday complete with pajamas and cuddling Thursday and Friday which was much, much needed :)
 Friday night we tried to get out to go to dinner as the snow had stopped. We got about a mile away from home when our car started over heating!! It was ridiculous. So, we headed back home. Turns out, it was just the thermostat which ended up being a quick and inexpensive fix, but stressful nonetheless.
It was a nice weekend! It was good to just kind of "whole up" on the couch with my guys, but I sure am craving warmer weather. I can't wait to get the stroller out and go exploring. Bradley is becoming so much more attentive; lovin' it!


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