Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Love Story

In honor of the day of LOVE I thought I'd share our love story :) I used to absolutely love Valentine's Day (maybe I just loved the Reeses' peanut butter hearts ;) Now, it is just another day. I make it an effort to show those I love how much they mean to me. Like those clearance'd shoes at Target I randomly brought home for J :)

Around labor day September 2008, I was invited to a BBQ at one of my co-worker's house. I ended up going, expecting to eat a hamburger and go about my business. I didn't know I was secretly being "hooked up" or that I'd meet my husband on that day. I saw Jordan..he was wearing scrubs and driving a POS car. could hear that car a mile away. Anyway, we actually didn't really hit it off, but we were friendly to one another. He was a total nerd; video games, computers, chemistry books- too smart for your own good type of guy. We had absolutely nothing in common, but somehow it worked. We seemed to be "good" for eachother.
We kept hanging out- a movie and dinner here and there, but I still wasn't 100% sold on becoming "official." I had been single for 2 years. I had my own apartment, job, car, friends and I was pretty content. Until we basically became inseperable. He just seemed to "fit" in my life very well, and the next thing I knew we were starting "our" life together.

We moved into our first house in February of 2009 and became engaged. and surprise! I found out I was pregnant (which sadly ended in miscarriage). We decided to change our original December Christmas wedding to a very hot June wedding.  
So, we met, got engaged after 6 months and married after 9 months of knowing eachother. Crazy, right? I'd agree. There are times where I've wondered how we've lasted for 4 years. But what it comes down to is this: our love has remained constant. No matter what trying times we've been through, no matter what weight I've been at, no matter what our differences are, we've loved eachother. I'd be lying if I said becoming parents hasn't changed our relationship. It has..more than I probably thought it would, but we've kept our goals for our life as a priority. I can't imagine this life with anyone else.
So for Valentine's Day, and every other day, my devotion of love to my husband, Jordan. I love you!

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