Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breastfeeding {update}

I figured I'd do a quick bfeeding update, because my big boy turned 12 weeks old yesterday!..and since my initial breastfeeding post is one of my most viewed posts which I found to be slightly strange! But anyway! We've hit a quarter of the year with exclusive bfeeding. I'm super proud of us for sticking it out, even though there were times when I wanted to just throw in the towel.
Around 4 weeks old I think B hit a growth spurt. It seemed like he was hungry all.of.the.time. I felt like I was nursing around the clock..there was no set schedule. It was becoming difficult to plan daily errands, even running to the bank was hard because I never knew when he was going to be hungry. Keep in mind..I'm NOT a public breastfeeder. I'm not against moms doing it, but it's not for me.

We had introduced the bottle within the first week of his life due to schooling schedule issues, and then bottle fed him at night. I don't really have a reason why we bottle fed at night..I think because it was easier in the middle of the night then getting myself all propped up and whatnot. I was lucky that he'd take both the bottle and the breast just fine. I would wake up at 5am, totally engorged and pump (using a manual mind you) at LEAST 6oz each breast and freeze that. That is how I began my freezer stash to take for him at daycare.

So, at 4 weeks when I felt like I was strapped to the couch, anxiously awaiting the next time he'd want to nurse, I decided I wanted to exclusively pump and bottle feed. Actually, it wasn't a just happened. I ended up buying the Medela Pump in Style and the rest is history.

I started pumping every 2 hours and WOW- did my supply increase. I was pumping at least 10oz in every pumping session in about 10minutes. I'd fill up his 4oz bottle (We used the Playtex drop-ins) and then freeze the rest. Oh, and I always had a backup bottle in the refridgerator.

Now, when I went back to work is when things changed a bit. I had emailed my HR department about a private space in the office where I could pump on my lunches and breaks. I got an email back saying that there wasn't a designated spot, but that I could use the locker room in our company's gym. I replied with the KS state law requiring employers to provide a private place for up to one year. Within a day, I was granted access to a conference room that has a couch and a 'do not disturb' sign. Which is fine..UNLESS there's a conference. Ugh. My milk supply ended up taking a bit of a nose dive as well. I pump at 5am (before work)= 12 oz, 10am break=8oz, 1pm lunch=6oz, 4pm break=5-6oz, 7pm=5oz and then at 9pm=5oz.

So that's where we're at. I'm going to continue pumping. My goal is to breastfeed at least his first year. We'll be introducing solids at 4 months I believe and we'll just play it by ear. Remember, I'm not a lactation consultant or expert by any means. Just doing what works for us :) Any questions? you can email me at

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Some great info on why it's important to wait until 6 months to introduce solids:

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