Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in my lunch?

I'm back to packing my lunch everyday for work. I'm trying to get more creative everyday because I tend to get bored with my food..which leads me to craving milkshakes..and candy bars..and peach-o's..mmm I love peach-o's ;) All in moderation ;)
Here's my lunch today:
(sorry, I'm a terrible photographer)
1. strawberries 0p+
2. half of organic orange 0p+
3. peanut butter sandwich (breakfast) 5p+
4. Turkey Lean Pocket (lunch) 7p+
5. FiberOne brownie (lunch) 2p+
6. Special K strawberry granola (breakfast) 3p+
7. wheat & cheese crackers (snack) 5p+
8. Diet Dr.Pepper 0p+
9. roughly 80-100oz H2O a day

(I try to keep the food I bring to work under 25p+ because I get 34p+ daily)

What's in YOUR lunch??


safire said...

I love that you plan ahead which is so important. I find if I am not prepared or find myself starving, I am vulnerable to making bad choices!

Have a wonderful week!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

It was so hard for me to get creative with my husbands lunches. I'm seriously the worst at it! Luckily he works from home now, so the poor man doesn't have to eat a turkey sandwich everyday ;)

Samantha~ said...

Today I took a mesquite chicken breast, asparagus, and risotto! Yum!

Amy said...

As far as a great cold summer treat while at home (or to grab as you walk out the door), i LOVE frozen grapes. I package a 1/2 cup of grapes in baggies and throw them in the freezer (1 cup of grapes is 1 point).

It satisfies my sweet tooth and they're cold on hot days! :)