Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I thought I'd update real quickly to reflect on today. So for the past 2 days my back has been throbbing, especially in the mornings. By the evenings I could just kick back on the couch and I'd feel okay. This morning my back was hurting again so I thought maybe I needed to go to the bathroom (sorry if tmi) so I went and saw that I was bleeding. The next part is a blur. I don't remember going to get my purse at my desk or telling my manager I was leaving, but apparently I did.
I called Jordan and he immediately left class and met me at Via Christi St. Francis. Luckily they were not busy and I was taken back right to be seen in the ER. The ER doctor acted REALLY suprised that I knew my last beta count, that I had already been seen twice already by my OB, etc. I explained to him my previous 2 miscarriages and he shut up and quit talking to me like I was some unwed woman that had 5 other kids at home (no offense to anyone). They did a pelvic exam and he said it was "unremarkable" that there was some blood, but the cervix looked closed and whatnot. They drew some labwork and took me for a sono. The sono did show our baby's heartbeat at 122bpm but was only measuring at 6weeks2days when apparently I thought I turned 8 weeks on Tuesday. Our sono last week (june 2nd) showed 6weeks3days so obviously no progress in one week, but we were hopeful since we saw the heartbeat. The ultrasound lady was even like "your baby's fine! Look at that heartbeat!" um ok.
So I went back to the room and the dr told me the results of my beta were last count on May 26th was 3281. The didn't do an hcg quant at my June 2nd appt because by seeing a heartbeat on the sono they thought that was good enought. So obviously another sign of no progression. Great. My dad said "So this doesn't look like there's going to be a happy ending." The Dr. said "I wouldn't bet money on it." Nice.
So I have an appt with my OB tomorrow at 11:20am for more labwork and a sono to see what's going on. I will update tomorrow.


safire said...

I'm so sorry this is going on. I hope everything turns out ok.


I have been where you are and had a happy ending.I wish you the very best of luck.