Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quick update

My bebe has a heartbeat :)
It was seriously amazing, and the tears were flowing!
Last night before the sono I was feeling incredibly anxious. I woke up at 1am, 3am and 6am just waiting for the appointment time to come (10am). My prayers were answered today and I just have an overwhelming feeling of hope and love! Oh, and heartburn :)
Tomorrow I am going to post something pretty personal to me about why I decided to get pregnant before hitting my goal weight. I've gotten a few emails regarding my choice. I feel that I can share because some of you may be in my same situation and felt the way I did.


Lynsey said...

I had the worst heartburn when I was pregnant. I'd never had it until then either. Woohoo on the heartbeat. Such an amazing feeling.

Samantha~ said...

Can't wait for your next post! I know my weight is a big factor in my pregnancy fears. I don't want to be that girl that people ask "is she pregnant or is she just chubby?"

Yet it still hasn't motivated me enough to lose any weight.

Very excited for you!

Amy said...

As long as you lose the baby weight after you have the baby who cares if you've reached your goal weight!! Be sure you stay active enough to stay on track for your projected weight gain (probably 35lbs).

I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my 1st and ate a STRICT 2,000 calorie diet for 12 weeks and in doing so I was losing and maintaining weight (and lost 5 lbs at start of diet) in my last trimester but was under close supervision by my OB (weekly visits starting at 28 weeks, and NST's 2x a week).

GOOD LUCK! and congrats.