Friday, July 8, 2011

Weigh In 7-8-11

..and that is from when I started the 17 Day Diet on Tuesday :)
I am doing really well following the 17 Day Diet so far. For instance, for breakfast I eat a 6oz Greek Yogurt and an apple. For lunch I'll eat like a chicken breast, green beans or celery and for dinner I'll either have a salad with grilled chicken with vegetables. And I'm learning to like Green Tea. Oh, an drinking about 100oz of water!

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

That's really great! The 17 Day Diet seems to be agreeing with you!!! Congrats!

Flab To Fab In No Time said...

That is great I would love to know more about the 17 day diet. But way to go on a 3.4 weight lose!!!!!!

Tabatha said...

you look great!

i'm starting the 17 day diet tomorrow, i'm excited about it. hopefully i'll like the green tea.. i'm def not a tea person!

congrats on the loss tho :)