Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Help. help. help...
Did you miss me last week? I needed a break. I completely FAILED at the 17 Day Diet last week. I haven't even been able to make it 100% through 17 days of phase I. Losing weight is hard..and repititous..etc etc. and it's hot outside and I have no motivation to get to the gym..and I'm battling some depression..oh, annnnnd I'm whining at the moment!
So, let's talk about something other than weight loss because obviously I'm at a stand still in that department.
Here are some of my favorite hairdo's..along with my weight loss stand still I am in a hair rut! So help a girl out here.
Short, light blonde
long, light blonde
Shorter bangs, reddish tint, long
long, hightlights and lots of lowlights
caramel highlights and the "curl down", long
Shorter, longer bangs, mostly blonde, a few lowlights
current hair: shorter, all blonde with some root re-growth 

Obviously my hair isn't long again over night, but I think I do want to keep growing it back out, but I need a lot shorter bangs.
Here's what I'm thinkin'..

Sooo...what do you think??


Tiffany said...

I think your hair looks better than both of theirs. I like picture 1, & 2, and love picture 6. I'm in the same boat currently. I had a bob and I loved it but I think it's time for a change.. so trying to grow it out is suuuuper hard. Plus I have never colored it... debating on blonde highlights or blonde and red. Why can't these decisions be easy!? lol.

Amy said...

so what has me motivated lately is going to the Andover Y and working out and then finding some relief afterwards by going to the water park! It makes that head to toe sweat drench not seem so bad while working out when you know there's some relaxing pool fun to come!