Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weigh in 7-15-11

This week..
-1 lb even
(clearly I suck at editting pics!)

So, obviously I need to get back on the ball with things. Last weekend we went out of town to an amusement park with my little sister, and I didn't stick on the 17 Day Diet. It was easy to get back on track Monday-Thursday, but then last night Jordan and I went on a little date night to an italian restaurant and I pretty much blew it there. I know I could have lost more if I wouldn't have had some "cheating" thrown into the mix. Better luck this week, right? I'm going to make a weekly meal plan and I will post that tomorrow :)
Have a great weekend, everyone.


:Deliciously Healthy said...

Lookin' good :D

Flab To Fab In No Time said...

You look great! I think you need to have some cheating or else you lose momentum.

Tabatha said...

good luck, you looks great!

Amy said...

Hey if you can "cheat" and still have weight loss then there is no real worry! It's a lifestyle not a diet, and you can't live life cake free! :) (so why not have your cake and eat it too!)