Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weigh in 7-1-11+ 17 day diet

This week at Weight Watchers..
-.4 oz.
(That picture was from Friday night when I took my sister (left) out for her 18th Birthday!)

Anyway, I've mentioned before that I am very bored with Weight Watchers..I really am. I think the reason I am so faithful to the program is because it has helped me lose 50lbs, but I am in a rut. I have about 30-35 pounds to go until my goal weight. I've been going some reading on The 17 Day Diet and all the success stories...so I went shopping.
Grapefruit, celery, cucumber, Jennie-O turkey hotdogs, salsa, lemon juice
Greek yogurt, Jennie-O turkey burgers, carrots, green tea, chicken breast, veggies

So, that's where I'm at..I'm eating lean meat, veggies, fruit, yogurt. The plan says to drink 3 glasses of green tea (bleg!) and of course a lot of h2o!!
I will update with results and recipes!!