Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I've been eating..

I've been pretty proud of my eating lately. I can't remember the last time I've had fast food and I've been caffeine free for a week. We've been pretty strict on a meal plan which has helped out a ton. I've learned that failure to plan=food failure. Our evening schedule is so tight from coming home from work, getting things ready for the next day, caring for the baby, etc that if our meals aren't planned we are more likely to grab take out or something not as healthy.
Left to right: 
1. Ground turkey, brown rice, peppers
2. Turkey meatballs in spaghetti sauce and veggies
3. grilled chicken and brown rice
4. fajita grilled chicken, brown rice and a little cheese

Whew that's a lot of rice! I'm loving the Minute ready to serve brown rice they are so easy and quick to add to meat or veggies. About one a week I grill up 5-6 chicken breasts and cut into chunks to add to meals. Easy enough. I've also been buying the BirdsEye frozen veggies to add as well. There are always coupons and there's a great variety. 
Left to right:
1. Italian chicken (just grilled with italian seasonings), tuscan veggie medley (my fave) and mashed potatoes 
2. Weight Watcher's Sesame noodles and veggies
3. Wild rice and grilled chicken
4. Brown rice, chicken, salsa and a little bit of cheese

So, that Weight Watcher sesame noodles and veggies is my absolute favorite. I know it's processed, but it's not terrible for you.'s a weight watchers product. I add chicken to it to keep me fuller a little longer. This is one of my favorite weekly things to eat.
As you can see, we eat quick and easy and try to keep it healthy as possible. What are some of your go to convenient, but healthy recipes??

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Amy Higgins said...

taco salad is HUGE in our house. I make a pound of ground turkey at the beginning of the week and its super easy to throw some lettuce, cheese, etc with it and its a quick, easy, healthy meal in minutes!