Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

I missed last weekend's wrap up! It must not have been very exciting...oh well. This weekend was fine. Jordan was off so it was nice to be together, all 3 of us!
My weekend started Friday night after work. I had been working really hard all week at work on a report that is still not finished.  But I headed over to a mexican restaurant to celebrate with some coworkers of a fellow coworker becoming cancer free! Yea Melissa! I ended up ordering a first alcoholic beverage in over a year! Wow! I only drank half, but it was good!

Saturday morning when Jordan got off of work (3rd shift) I handed over the baby and headed to the university for my 1st Saturday morning class of the semester. It is a women's studies course on addiction and dependency- I know I am really going to enjoy the course. Class got out early so I headed for a quick run and then back home to my boys. We had a later lunch at Old Chicago- Jordan wanted to drink some beers for St. Patrick's day weekend of course. Then we did some grocery shopping at Target. We just relaxed the rest of the evening. Bradley went to sleep and Jordan and I watched the movie The Pianist. 

Sunday I woke up for my 3 mile run for my 5k training. Afterwards I did laundry and housework and wrote a paper for one of my classes. Luckily Jordan was off this weekend so I could knock that paper out quickly. Jordan's aunt and uncle were on our side of town so they stopped by to say hello; it is always nice to see them. Later that night my sister got into town from college on Spring Break so we headed over to my parent's house for dinner.

It was a good weekend- couldn't ask for more than spending time with my boys, no matter whatever we're doing!

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