Thursday, March 7, 2013

c25k {week3}

Alright! So I started back on week 3 after a week of snow, snow and more snow! Week 3 of C25k is: 5 minute brisk walk, 90 sec jog, 90 sec walk, 3 min jog, 3 min walk for 20 minutes. So I did that on Saturday on the treadmil. Ow- my shins were killing me, but I made it through just fine.
Sunday my dad came over at 10am and we headed out to run- my first "outside" 5k training session. I've been training on the treadmil the past 2 weeks. Now, my dad is what one would call a RUNNER. Meaning, he runs for FUN. excuse me?! But it's motivating.
We headed out to the Great Plains Nature Center. I didn't follow the C25k running plan 100% as my dad just suggested that I run as much as I could and stop when I needed to. I thought that seemed like a pretty good idea since I'd been feeling like weeks 1 and 2 were pretty easy.
There was some snow on the ground, but not a ton. ^^ this pic is kind of deceiving. On the spots on the trail with the most snow we walked..perfect time to take a picture. I kept picturing myself jogging and fall and breaking something in the snow!
Overall, I feel really good about the jog. My dad did too. I feel like we ran more than walked, which is a good sign. and guess what? NO shin pain. We will definitely be training outside again this weekend!
8 weeks until race day!


Amy Higgins said...

does setting the treadmill to a .5 incline help your shins? it does mine!

Lynsey said...

I always run at a 1% incline because they say that mimics outside more than being flat. I never get shin splints on the treadmill. I get them outside something horrible though so I know what you are feeling!

Way to go running in the snow! I am not that brave.