Monday, July 30, 2012


I think it's safe to safe to say that I'm all about convenience. I think I learned that from an early age of seeing my two full time hard working parents managing a busy schedule with three kids. It was fast food for dinner while we were on the go to basketball practice, school music programs, etc. I'm in no way blaming them for my eating habits now that I'm an adult, but still to this day, I'm about convenience eating.

I've been eating bad. And I mean, bad. Not just because I'm pregnant either..because when I'm out an about running errands, I'm hitting up the Taco Bell. I feel like I've lost that drive to order the most healthy thing off the fast food menus or to keep things in moderation. All of those thoughts have flown out the window until I'm guilt ridden afterwards. People tell me to quit being so hard on myself, I'm 6 months pregnant. I agree with not depriving myself, but there's really no excuse for eating out every meal of the weekend and drinking regular pop. It's just not healthy.

So, that's where I'm at. I need to break the "convenience" mold. I do pack my lunch 95% of the time so I will give myself some credit there. I need to get back to meal planning and having healthier snacks around. Healthier choices..starting today!!

What do you do to keep a healthy convenience on a busy schedule??


safire said...

I plan ahead and have some things pre-made ready. I think I have less resolve if I'm hungry so I try to have small snacks between meals so I don't cave.

Good luck with everything.

safire said...

I plan ahead and have some things pre-made ready. I think I have less resolve if I'm hungry so I try to have small snacks between meals so I don't cave.

There are some healthy easy to-go things at supermarkets nowadays that are a real time saver for me like rotisserie chicken, fruit, sandwiches, sushi, soups.

Good luck with everything.

Fit Mom said...

Try planning out your meals ahead of time and prepping them first thing in the morning. If you keep fresh cut fruit and veggies in your fridge you are more apt to eat them then if you need to clean them when you want to eat them.

And I agree with safire...there are some healthy things available at the stores that you can grab and go. Sushi is my go to food. Just make sure it is cooked for you!

And there is healthier "junk food" too. Look for roasted edemame that will give you that crunch. Or all natural chips that are fried in sunflower oil and have light salt.

If you crave chocolate, look for the Emeralds cocoa dusted almonds. They are delicious and fulfill the chocolate craving you may have.

Sorry for the long response. Just wanted to give you some ideas of what I keep around for when I want to snack. LOL.

Tammy Thompson said...

Don't give into your "pregnancy cravings!" I have 4 kids and I never gained more than 15 pounds with any of them and all of them weighed over 8 pounds. You will wind up just having extra pounds to lose later, I promise! My mother in law used to give me grief because I was pregnant at the same time as my sister in law, and she ate everything in sight and gained 60 pounds. I only gained 12. She told me my baby would be retarded, and unhealthy. son weight 8.7 and hers weighed 6.2. So who do you think got the last laugh??? Please don't fall prey to that nonsense! Those well meaning relatives are only trying to fatten you up and you will regret it!