Friday, July 13, 2012


Hi, everyone :) I hope July has been great for you all so far. So, I've been lacking in the blogging department, obviously. I guess you could say I'm having problems with my "blogging identity."
I started my blog in August 2010, in the midst of my weight loss journey. Blogging helped me lose 50 lbs on Weight Watchers! I fell off, got back on, fell back off..back and forth. In March 2012 I finally became pregnant! Now I've been really focused on having a healthy pregnancy for both myself and my baby boy due in November.
So, I'm asking you..anyone who reads, what are you looking for out of my blog? I'm confused if I should keep it healthiness related (workouts, recipes, meal plans, etc) or some bring more aspects of my personal life into the blog (home diy projects, baby related stuff, etc). I promise there really is more to me than counting every calorie I put into my mouth :)
I know I probably shouldn't be too concerned with what others think. I should write about whatever I want, right? I just thought I'd get some feedback.
As soon as I have the baby, I WILL be losing the weight. I can't wait to get back into the gym (rather than water aerobics only) and watching the scale lower to my goal weight. But right now I'm just enjoying my pretty perfect pregnancy and growing a healthy little boy.
Leave any feedback you may have, thanks :) Have a great weekend. I'll leave you with a picture from last weekend, 20 weeks pregnant! Can I get a hooray for halfway?!?! Hooray!!!


Fit Mom said...

I think daily thoughts, what you are going thru, what you are doing to have a healthy pregnancy, and just fun baby stuff is fun to read. Once you have the baby, pictures of course are necessary. You will have all sorts of stories once the baby arrives. Then it will morph into a new blog about balancing a healthy lifestyle, losing the baby weight, and maintaining a happy mommy and family atmosphere. Just go with your gut. I always enjoy reading about what you have going on.

LEA said...

I think you should include everything you mentioned! I also started mine for weight loss accountability and when I got pregnant went in a broader life direction. I include some things about my personal life, some things from work (I'm a teacher, so we are always doing something fun), home projects, and baby stuff. But, don't play I'll have to get back to that weight loss part soon!!

Hope you are feeling well!!

Mama E said...

I think you should definitely talk about your baby and all your preparations, plus your journey in to motherhood afterwards! But I'm biased, being a bit of a birth junkie ;)