Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picking a Name

I forgot to mention that our baby boy has a name! He's actually had a name for a month or so now. Let's back up..he's actually had a name for over a year, but we didn't know he was a HE yet :)
When I found out I was pregnant in March I automatically had my boy and girl name picked out. Jordan and I have agreed on the boy name for over a year, but he was still on the fence about my girl name. For the record, I LOVE my girl name and it WILL be used if I'm lucky enough to have a little girl :)
I only had 2 qualifications in picking a name:
  • We {I} wanted the first name (boy or girl) to start with the letter B. Both our grandma's names start with B. Jordan's grandma was called Grandma B and mine has always gone by 'B'. Just a little something to incorporate our grandmothers.
  • I didn't want any name from the top 10 popular list or anything like that. No offense to those names, but I didn't want my kid to be in Kindergarten with 5 other kids with the same name.
Spring 2011, we had gone to see the movie Limitless. I was pregnant with my 3rd pregnancy (that ended in miscarriage) at the time and loved the movie and the way Bradley Cooper's eyes were soooo blue :) On the car ride home I said, "What about the name Bradley?" Of course J teased me about my Bradley Cooper crush. But he liked it too. Since then it has stuck.
We went back and forth about a middle name. I've always liked Alexander, but Jordan's favorite boy name has always been Xavier. He wanted to use Xavier for the first name..but it wasn't my fave. We've finally agreed that his full name will be:

Bradley Xavier Marshall

Exciting! Let the monogramming begin :)


Lynsey said...

Name choosing is so fun and challenging all in one.

On a side note, my Beach Body coach who I bought both Turbo Jam and Insanity from was named Bradley Marshall. :)

Fit Mom said...

I love the name Xavier. That is my oldest sons name. And Marshall is very similar to my last name of Mitchell so I approve. LOL. Not that that matters!