Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weight Watchers on a Wednesday..

Today I weighed in at WW on a Wednesday. I usually go on Fridays with my sister Lindsay, but due to work scedule complications I had to go today unless I wanted to skip a week (which I don't!!)  I think it's nice to change it up every once in a while. This week I lost 1.2. I'm happy with that number because:
  1. It's a loss!! I will always take a loss over a gain any day!
  2. I last weighed in on Friday so it hasn't even been a full week to lose that 1.2.
  3. I didn't gain over the weekend! I had gone through a period of time when I would gain 2-3 pounds over the weekend then work really hard through the week to lose those pounds + one extra. I am now breaking that cycle!!
Here's my Weekly Weigh In picture:
I am not quite comfortable displaying how much I weigh each week..I'm trying to focus more on how I feel, how my clothes are fitting and my overall eating habits. I figure if I'm doing the "right" thing the scale will lower. Sure, I am motivated by the number getting smaller on the scale, but I'm more concerned about getting out of my size 16 jeans!
Happy Wednesday, Everyone :)

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