Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life Update

Oh my goodness, so much to update on. The last few weeks have been crazy, but I think we're finally getting settled into a good routine.
Here's a few things that's been going on:

1. This little cutie turned 9 months old! and guess what...I completely missed his 8 month post! what?! #momfail
2. I'm all signed up for the Prairie Fire Fall 5k on October 13th. The bestie and I are running it together this time, and it actually feels good to get back out there. I haven't all...since my last 5k in June. Yikes.

3. We are all moved into our new house. Loving it so far, but still need to make it "ours." Hopefully it doesn't taken me months to get things hung on the walls! Procrastination is my middle name apparently...

4. Jordan's med school applications are all submitted and "processing." Seriously, this is the longest process of my entire life!! However, he did meet with the director of admissions on Friday to go over his application. It wasn't technically an interview, just some feedback and he was feeling extra confident after speaking with him. I will do a Marshalls do med school update soon.

5. Speaking of my husband..he wrecked the car! He was making a left hand turn too soon and got hit. Luckily he wasn't hurt as it could have easily injured him. We take it in on Tuesday to have the damages assessed.
6. Two weeks ago I started another round of Whole30 and got my dad on board as well. Well, by the weekend we were moving and I fell off track. I started again this past week and did wonderfully until Saturday. What.the.heck!! So, yea. #fail but I'm not giving up. I feel like I'm living 85% Paleo. I'll do an update of what I've been eating soon. I'm still weighing anywhere from 201-199 if anyone is interested.
7. I'll end on lucky #7...follow me on instagram. I post probably way too often on there. But whatevs. Alliemarshall627
***Oh, one more thing. I need some serious blog help. I need a new layout and whatnot. and I want to be able to put one of those "pin it" buttons on my post. Apparently, I'm blogger illiterate and cannot do these types of things on my own, so can anyone help or refer me to someone to spruce this little page up? Can't believe I've been blogging for 3!! years now and I still have the same layout...***


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