Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weigh In {5 weeks postpartum}

I'm behind on posting this! But I seem to be behind with everything since becoming a mom. Oh, motherhood :) Anyway, for week 5 I weighed in at 217.4. That is exactly one pound down from week 4. Not too impressed, but a loss is a loss.
 40 weeks pregnant vs. 5 weeks postpartum
(Please excuse the lack of makeup :)

This week I cooked with my George Foreman grill a lot more. I made grilled chicken breasts, ham steak and turkey burgers. I will usually eat my protein with brown rice or some kind of frozen veggie. I've been drinking a ton of water, and of course still breastfeeding. I've also found that my 12 pound baby makes for a great weight for squats :) Usually when he's fussy I bounce (squats/lunges) around 'shh-ing' him. That's about the only physical activity I'm getting in lately :-/ (I will explain the lack of exercise in my next weigh in, week 6)

Jordan ended up buying a Wii with his Christmas money. I bought the Zumba Wii game so I will be giving that a shot. I love Zumba, but making it to the gym hasn't been possible lately. So, I will be making a fool of myself at Zumba in the comfort of my own living room :)

I'm still wearing my maternity jeans which is embarrassing to admit. My pre-pregnancy jeans (size 16) zip and button, but are still leaving me with a serious muffin top. Not pretty at all. It can only get better though, right?...

I'm going to wrap this post up with a photo that's sure to leave you with a smile...



safire said...

Super cute baby picture! He looks SO happy. Good luck with everything. I think you are gorgeous!

LEA said...

slow your roll, girl!!
i too was really upset and disappointed when a few weeks postpartum i wasn't posting great numbers. but, you have to think, your body's all out of whack, you have crazy hormones trying to get regulated again...unfortunately it all takes time. i got advice from a lot of moms and they said wait until your body settles back down around month 3 or 4 and that's when you will start to notice it changing and you can push the weight off.
i'm only 5 months postpartum now and definitely am still needing to work hard at it, but you ARE going to get there!!
you look great!
right now just enjoy that cute little man of yours!