Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bradley's Nursery

I meant to post this post long ago. However, turns out, nearly 7 weeks since the baby has been born and the nursery is still not 100% complete eek. That's my fault though. I didn't really go into designing the nursery with a clear vision..I knew bits and pieces of what I wanted/liked only. So, this what we got:

 changing table the only difference is that we didn't add the wheels to it, it just stays put.
La Z Boy recliner we got this in the champagne color. At first I wasn't so sure about the color, but now I'm fine with it. I think the rocker/recliner was the best purchase we could have made. I'm so glad we broke down and spent the extra money on a La Z Boy. I found the Chevron throw pillow at Target and the color matches perfectly.
The Chevron curtains were made by my mom. I absolutely love chevron pattern and wanted accents throughout the room. I picked out the fabric here and I believe ordered 7 yards. It ended up making 2 panels for the curtains and a crib skirt. I was inspired by The lil house that could blog.
We ended up changing our minds and ordered this crib instead. I'm glad Jordan was persistent; I like the look of this one much better.
The personalized blankie is from my sister- she had it made when she did a student internship at Disney World. No bumpers on the bed..I just never really found any actual bedding I loved. I change his crib sheet from baby blue, navy, light green or tan. 
 The rug is from Target. I bought it in store, on clearance for $17 or so and can't find it online any longer. I bought it for the colors, not knowing if I'd actually use it, but couldn't pass it up because of the price. I'm glad I didn't because it ended up working out just fine. I almost bought a Chevron print rug, but couldn't decide on a color and thought it may have been too much. I think I was right.

The shelving also came from Target. The monogram was a gift from the bestie; I love monograms and obviously chevron. I love the idea of a "Oh, the places you'll go!" Dr. Seuss theme, but I'm not much for themes, so we just added some globes and maps around the room.
  The bookcase came from surprise, surprise..Target! I like that we chose the case with the doors for extra concealed storage. 
I wanted to add trinkets to the shelf with a "vintage" feel. The Mickey Mouse ears were mine from when I went as a child in 1993. All the books were mine as a child. The globe book ends were my grandfather's and the democrat donkey is a family heirloom. 
Overall I'm pleased with how it's turned out. I still want to put some kind of photo above the bed...or..something, I don't know yet. Suggestions? 
This was a fun project for me as I love to decorate, even though I'm not the best at it. I really never thought I'd get to design a nursery :) I love that my sweet boy has a space to call his own in our home.


kristi said...

Very cute!

Unique Baby Gear Ideas said...

Wow! You look amazing and so does your baby's room!

And...you really should drop by www.unique-baby-gear-ideas.com and enter your pics in our baby photo contest! The room is tooo cute!



Jules said...

Super cute nursery room! I've seen a great idea using that book, Oh the places you will go. I wish I had done it for my girls. Each year, once Bradly starts school, have his teachers write a note in the book for him. When he is graduating high school, give him the book :) My first born turns 16 this Thursday and seriously, it feels like I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday! The time goes by so fast!