Monday, November 15, 2010

Weight Watcher weigh in 11-12-10

Sorry I am late posting!
I always get a little behind on the weekends and getting the week started. Anyway! I lost -.2 at Weight Watchers. Whoopty-do...I'm still at it and will be until I see my goal weight on the scale. I'm behind on my monthly goal of averaging one pound a week. I will get there though. I have faith in myself!
I thought I'd share some out takes of me and Jordan's Christmas card photos. My mom ended up taking our pictures in her front yard then I editted them on to make them look a little more professional. Then I used my coupon code for 50 free Christmas cards (finished product on last entry) that Shutterfly gave me for posting a blog entry about their Christmas card collection. I ended up spending $7.00 TOTAL on Christmas cards this year. Is that budget savvy or what??

Have a healthy week!!