Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time for a hair change!

Let me give you a background on my hair..I was born with white-blonde hair, as I got older..probably around 12-13 years old my hair started to turn darker..the weirdest couldn't consider it brown, but it was too dark to be "blonde" either.
Anyway, around 7th grade I became obsessed with those highlighting kits. You know where you pull strands of hair with a plastic hook? I was really into the "chunky" look (this was circa 2001 ok?!) So one day I decided I wanted all over blonde hair so instead of pulling my hair through the cap I poured the whole mix of bleach on my yes, think Christina Aguilera WHITE, FRIED hair. o.m.g.
My mom took me to a professional salon and we went through treatments upon treatments to get my hair looking "normal" After that my dad said I could not color my own hair! When I got a job at 16 I started going to my own hair stylist and she started foil weaving my hair to put some blonde back in. She only charged $50 for a full foil weave so I thought I was getting a great deal!! I would go in every 6 weeks to get my roots touched up. And I've been doing that ever since. Now my hair is all blonde. It doesn't have any "depth" to it..just blonde. My husband has been trying to get me to go darker since we've met..just for a change. I made an appointment for Saturday and here is the photo I'm taking to show my new hair dresser the color/style I want:
I know I'm not quite as tan or skinny as Lauren Conrad (she's beautiful!) but I think adding some dark to contrast all the blonde in my hair will look good on me. I looooove her hair color here! I'm scared though..of change of course! Wish me luck. (for my hair change and when I step on the scale tomorrow..I think my Birthday weekend took a toll on me..eek!)

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Joy said...

Love love love the color. I've been thinking about going a little darker myself. It's fun for the fall and winter. Can't wait to see the pictures..

Allie, you're as beautiful as that girl and then some!!!

You will look great with your new look!!!

Have a great day!!