Friday, October 26, 2012

When I quit caring..

As you all know, I'm still struggling with my weight gain in my pregnancy. I know, I know..I've heard it all, but it's not just a feeling I can turn "off." My due date is in 30 days!! Excited is an understatement :) All is pretty much ready for my sweet boy's arrival.
So, the point of this entry is that I'm actually glad that I'm still caring about my weight and health.
When I was at my heaviest weight, I was not caring about..pretty much anything. I had no energy, was sleeping more than a newly married 22 year old should, and tipping the scale at 250lbs. Not cool. Then, one day it "clicked" and I started caring. And the rest is history. I'm actually glad that weight gain and my health is still on my mind because the moment I do stop worrying about it is when it's all going to go downhill.
In a way, I am "starting over" in my weight loss journey after Brad is born. I'm all but roughly 15lbs away from my heaviest weight in 2010 :-/ I'm still working on my "plan" for post partum. I'm not going to rush it, but my goal is to be the best and healthiest wife/mom I can be! I know that when I feel better about myself, everything around me is better. 
30 days 'til Due Date!


Mrs. S said...

don't worry friend- your body will bounce right back after having your little guy!

Cathy said...

Your last picture with the baby shoes is awesome!