Monday, October 1, 2012


So last week I switched my pre-natals from this:
To this:

Because I had a coupon :) I've been taking the gummy vitamin since I found out I was pregnant in March, but I basically got the capsule kind free so I figured what the heck. I always take my vitamin at the same time, right after my shower and I take it with water and some peanut butter crackers when I get ready in the morning.
Anyway, in the past week as I'm driving to work around 7:30 I start feeling nauseas..the whole dry mouth, upset stomach bit. Sometimes I ended up throwing up, sometimes I didn't. I thought, surely at 32 weeks pregnant I wasn't getting morning sickness still? Who knew, stranger things have happened.
This weekend when I was grocery shopping I decided to just buy a bottle of the gummy vitamins to see if that was my issue. And sure enough, this nausea whatsoever. Crazy, right? Has anyone ever had a bad experience with changing vitamins?

In other news, I had my baby shower over the weekend and it turned out wonderfuly. I will post about it this week :)


Cathy said...

If I don't eat something substantial with my vitamins I get nauseous and have thrown up. It took me a long time to figure out why. I don't like the gummy vitamins so I have never tried those (well, I've tried them, I but not for a long period of time), but all other vitamins, prenatal and non-prenatal, have made me nauseous if I don't actually eat a breakfast.

Lynsey said...

If I take vitamins with Iron I get that way. I have to be very careful.

Anonymous said...

You look so cute pregnant!