Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recap: 2nd Trimester

Today I am 28 weeks 3 days pregnant and feeling great! Sure, I feel large and in charge, but I'm loving this moment in my many things to get done and to look forward to! We had our 3D ultrasound yesterday and he is just a little doll <3 a frowning doll, but super cute none the less :) So anxious to meet him! Here is a recap of my 2nd trimester:

2nd trimester: Weeks 15-28
Total Weight Gain/Loss for 2nd trimester: 27 pounds! EEK! I'm 7lbs over my goal entering the 3rd trimester was 20lbs. Eh, such is life.

Maternity Clothes for 2nd trimester: Pants for sure..I'm too scared to try on pre-pregnancy pants; I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty. I usually wear a pregnancy tank and a cardigan. A few pre-pregnancy tops still fit, but I'm sure not for too much longer.

Gender: BOY!! Bradley Xavier

Movement in the 2nd trimester: TONS! Currently he is head down, body on the right side. I feel kicks on my left side. It's been awesome :)
Sleep: Not too, too bad, really. I did tell Jordan the other day that it's getting more uncomfortable to toss and turn, but I've been getting 6-7hours of solid sleep every night, so no huge complaints here.

What I miss: I miss feeling like I look halfway decent. I know I'm just being hard on myself though. That's about it though!

Cravings: Danishes- Cherry turnovers, chocolate donuts! So weird because I've never been a huge sweets fan. Mexican food, italian food, turkey sandwiches. Dr. pepper :(

Symptoms: heartburn a ton!! Super tired and lazy in the mornings (results in light makeup and hair in a pony tail..everyday). When I'm hungry, I'm hungry!! I want to eat right then. Very emotional..I've had a few freak outs over stress from school..OH, and I basically bawled through the whole Michelle Obama speech the other night. REAL tears..sobbing tears!! Why? No idea. I've been feeling separation anxiety from my husband..I literally want him around me all the time which is super odd for me, lol. Oh, and one more thing..HOT! I feel like I'm burning up all the time!! and I never want to wear a bra!! ha

Best Moment in the 2nd trimester: Sooo many. I've really enjoyed this time in my life. Pregnancy finally feels real and I am just so thankful. Buying nursery furniture, getting nursery together, registering for my baby shower, helping my bestie and sisters plan the shower, watching my stomach move and GROW, getting a 3D ultrasound, SHOPPING and just counting down the days until Bradley bear is here!
At a Dr's appointment
26 weeks pregnant <3 (maternity top from Kohl's)
Proud Daddy after building the crib :)
20 weeks pregnant <3
Mom and Dad to be :)

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Ann said...

Love the update and the pics. Congrats again! :)