Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yikers, I think it's that time of year again where there are temptations everrrrrywhere. Especially at my new job. I'm working in the billing/financial office for a hospital that has an open cafeteria with ohh..just about anything you can imagine, except low calorie, whole, healthy food. How nice, right? Everyday is a battle to stay away and stick to my boring lunch I brought. Has anyone ever encountered this? How have you dealt? Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
Here's a scenario at work:
coworker: Allie there are chocolate covered pretzles in the cafeteria
{me thinking: how the hell does she know I looove sweet+salty..??}
Me: Oh, cool, thanks for letting me know! But I better stay away!
coworker: whyyy?! They're sooo good!
{me thinking: why?! Because I nearly weigh over 200lbs again, THAT'S why!}
Me: I'm just trying to watch what I eat! Need to lose some more weight!
coworker: ohhh girrrl, you look fine! They are so good!
{me thinking: OK enough!}
Instead I just smile and watch her eat that delicious snack...

Life just isn't fair all the time, is it? sigh! I'm trying to always keep this in my head when I'm faced with these temptations:
Happy Wednesday, everyone! Stay out of temptation zones!


Lynsey said...

I'm coming up on "diet fatigue" so there are certain things trying to tempt me again (thank the lord it's not candy with Halloween right around the corner)so I tell myself, "what you eat in private shows in public". Works everytime. EVERYONE knows I'm on a diet and most of what I can and can't have so I would never eat it in front of them so these thoughts only come when I'm alone. Thankfully I'm not alone often. ;)

kristi said...

My work caters in lunch. I have done well, been here a year and I bring my lunch daily. I spend a lot on groceries and cannot afford to buy food at work!