Monday, September 5, 2011

The jeans.

These jeans? know..have been hanging on my closet door for..oh..2 months.
They are size 14 GAP Curvy-fit low rise jeans from 2008 that do not fit.
They used to be my favorite pair, but sadly, I have not worn said jeans in oh..3 years.

The goal?
To fit into these jeans by October 1st. I do realize that is only roughly 4 weeks. The "good" thing is..I can pull them up, but they will not button at this present time! My goal is for them to fit comfortably by the first of October. And hey, if I meet that goal, I think it's time to get some new favorite jeans..circa 2011 :)

What is your current goal?

1 comment:

Lynsey said...

You can do it! There is nothing better than fitting in an old favorite. (Well, other than them beginning to get too big.) Good luck!