Monday, August 12, 2013

Bradley's Nursery {update}

Finally getting around to posting this.
I know this is nothing weight loss/healthy living related, but my life is so much more than weight loss at this moment. I want my blog to evolve more to show Allie..not just the former fat bride, if that makes any sense.
Anyway, you can see my original post on Bradley's Nursery here 

So before..we had a very blank canvas over his crib:
I had looked everywhere for inspiration..blogs, Pinterest, magazines etc. Nothing was really "clicking." I bought a few items to start some projects and just never got around to them. I knew I wanted to have some framed pics of him, but that would require getting professional pics done, and having them on and so forth. So basically the above the bed project just stood at a stand still.

When we transitioned Bradley into his crib at night I first realized that we needed some bumpers. Poor lil' guy was smashing his face against the sides. But there in lied another dilemma. I could not find just a single crib bumper I liked!! I didn't want any cartoons or extravagant patterns, and I didn't want to pay a pretty penny!

I ended up ordering these bumpers from Carter's, because it just worked and didn't cost a fortune.
Here's the finished project:
 Before and After
I drive my husband crazy 98% of the time, but I'm glad he loves me :)
So the picture frames are from Hobby Lobby. I framed 2 pictures of him and one of my maternity pictures. I took a 11x13 frame and removed the glass and framed a B. It didn't exactly come out exactly 100% of what I envisioned, but that's okay because I never had a clear vision anyway :)
Bradley loves his nursery, and he's done SO WELL sleeping in his crib throughout the night. I will do a post on transitioning from cosleeping into the crib soon!

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