Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is here

I can have a bad month, right? November was it for me. I honestly think it was the worst month for me through my journey thus far. I didn't meet my goal of averaging 1 pound a week and I DIDN'T lose through Thanksgiving..I actually gained 2.4. I didn't post because I was embarrassed! Sorry for the lack of posting..I have felt extremely unmotivated. But this is December now, right? right!
I want to think that December is going to be better, but I'm worried. A LOT of changes are coming up.
We have a trip to Las Vegas planned on December 17-20th and then we are moving out of our house and into an apartment (to save $$ for my husband's schooling) on December 21st then of course there's Christmas.
I'm still 100% to meeting my ultimate goal by June 2011 of 150lbs soo I'm still trucking on! Good luck to everyone in the month of December!

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Mrs. S said...

you can do it girl!